Q1:How can I become an affiliate partner of this brand?

A1:To become an affiliate partner, simply click on 'AFFILIATES,' as shown in the image.


Q2:How do I register as an affiliate?/Q2:如何注册成为会员?

A2: To register as an affiliate, simply click on 'Join Now' as shown in the image. 

Q3: How can I earn commissions on sales, and how much commission can I earn?

A3: To earn commissions, follow the method shown in the image below to obtain your affiliate referral link. You will receive a commission of 30% on the sales amount.


Q4: How can I earn a commission while offering my friends a 10% discount?

A4: To offer your friends a 10% discount while earning a commission, you can either copy and share your affiliate link for them to place an order. Your friends will receive a 10% discount, and you will earn a 30% commission. Alternatively, you can directly send your referral link along with a 10% discount code to your friends.

Q5: How are commissions paid to affiliates?

A5: To receive your commissions, simply fill out your PayPal details in the affiliate dashboard. Our company will set up regular payments to your PayPal account as scheduled.


Q6: How can I make sure affiliate customers see only the specific product links I want to show them, while still allowing affiliates to earn commissions?

A6: You can easily achieve this by replacing the product links on the affiliate page with the affiliate referral links. This way, affiliate customers will only access the product links that you want them to see, and affiliates will still earn commissions through those links.