After graduating from college, I embarked on a journey across the ocean to become a Chinese-American. During my studies in the United States, I experienced cultural clashes and discovered a common issue in daily life: the unmet needs of female friends, especially when it came to makeup bags. Some were too large and inconvenient to carry, while others had disorganized makeup arrangements or lacked a dedicated makeup mirror. These challenges ignited my thoughts about the beauty market and a strong desire to start a business.

In order to better understand the actual needs of women, I started engaging in deep conversations with them. During an outdoor event, a friend's frustration over not being able to find her lipstick became a defining moment that pushed me to take action. I reached out to my family back in China, who had extensive experience in manufacturing, and together with them, we co-founded the JUSRON brand, based on my research in the American market.

In the initial design phase of JUSRON, we not only considered aesthetics but also emphasized practicality and versatility. We envisioned various scenarios, such as the need to quickly access lipstick while traveling or to touch up makeup in a bustling office. These scenarios served as the inspiration for our product designs.

As a female founder, I deeply understand the modern woman's pursuit of beauty and fashion. Therefore, JUSRON's designs incorporate more elements of individuality and fashion. We hope that every woman can experience a unique sense of beauty when using our products.

With the support of my family, we launched JUSRON's first product, which is not just a makeup bag but also a makeup solution that women can carry with them wherever they go. We want JUSRON to be more than just a brand; it's a story of growth alongside women. Each design is a plot, and every scenario is a unique moment to showcase beauty.

JUSRON, beauty because of you, born from stories. We hope that every woman can find her own beauty within her own story!

Brand Slogan


Explore JUSRON®, where beauty is truly unique. Our personalized beauty experiences transform your journey into a story that's exclusively yours. JUSRON® products are more than cosmetics; they symbolize the expression of your individuality and confidence. Let JUSRON® be your partner in crafting a captivating and confident image — beauty led by you.

Brand Values


Freedom of Individuality: We celebrate the freedom of individual expression, believing every woman possesses a unique beauty. Our products empower you to express yourself freely.

Blossoming Confidence: We encourage awakening inner confidence through beauty experiences, allowing you to radiate your most confident and authentic self in every situation.

Fashion Frontier: We pursue the forefront of fashion, providing beauty products that are unconventional, trend-setting, and allow you to exude unique charm on your fashion journey.

Community Sharing: We consider you a partner in the brand, collaboratively creating a world of beauty. Join our community to share beauty insights and unique paths to beauty.

Brand Vision


JUSRON® envisions becoming the preferred brand for global women's personalized beauty. By offering personalized beauty experiences, we aim to redefine beauty standards and create a beautiful story for every woman.

Leading Personalized Beauty: Being a leader in the field of personalized beauty, we bring extraordinary beauty experiences to women globally, meeting their unique beauty needs.

Empowering Confidence Display: Serving as the best companion to inspire confidence in women, our personalized beauty solutions empower them to showcase their most confident and authentic selves.

Building Beautiful Social Networks: Establishing a vibrant and resonant beauty social platform, we enable women worldwide to share, connect, and embark on beauty adventures unique to them.

Sustainable Fashion: At the forefront of fashion with a focus on sustainability, we strive to provide sustainable beauty choices for women globally, leading the way in combining fashion and environmental consciousness.