Counterfeits and Unauthorized Sales

We are committed to producing high-quality products with a focus on detail. To ensure the integrity of Jusron Supply products, we have implemented strict quality control standards and collaborate with trusted distributors and retailers worldwide. The relationships we establish with authorized retailers ensure that our customers receive exceptional service and top-quality products, along with limited lifetime warranties for most products.

The success of Jusron Supply has made it a target for counterfeiters and unauthorized retailers who sell substandard products to unsuspecting customers. When purchasing Jusron brand products or similar items from unauthorized retailers, we cannot guarantee the quality or authenticity of the products, making them ineligible for Jusron Supply warranty protection. This is why warranty claims must be accompanied by acceptable proof of purchase from an authorized Jusron Supply retailer. Unfortunately, we often hear of customers accidentally purchasing counterfeit products online.

We encourage customers to avoid purchasing Jusron Supply products from unauthorized retail channels, such as flea markets, discount websites, and third-party marketplaces. In addition to the risk of receiving low-quality or non-existent products, personal information and credit card details may be susceptible to theft or fraud, and the proceeds from these purchases may be used to fund illegal activities.

If you suspect that a company or individual is advertising or selling counterfeit or unauthorized Jusron Supply products, please contact us at

If you suspect that you are selling counterfeit Jusron Supply products, you may be eligible for a full refund of the purchase price. For more information and to file a formal report, please contact the Federal Trade Commission at